Tuesday, October 9, 2018

"Last Man Standing" Debuts on Fox With High Ratings

"Last Man Standing," the TV comedy that includes amateur radio as a backdrop and occasional story line and was canceled by ABC last year despite healthy ratings, returned to the air on the Fox network in September with a huge ratings boost in comparison with its previous season premiere on ABC. 

According to producer John Amodeo, AA6JA, the current (season 7) premiere on Fox had a 56% higher rating than its season 6 premiere last year and its highest-ever rating for a Friday night broadcast. Amodeo also says the TCFTV ratings report indicated that the September 28 telecast was Fox's most-watched Friday entertainment show in nearly 18 years and the network's most-watched comedy in nearly seven years. Fox picked up the show (which it has always produced) following viewer outcry over ABC's decision not to renew it.