Thursday, March 1, 2018

Dominica Cites Value of Amateur Radio, Calls for Increased Recruitment and Training

(Source: CIA World Factbook)
The government of Dominica published a "Post-Disaster Needs Assessment" report in November following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Maria in September. According to the ARRL Letter, the report said that all telecommuni- cations on the island except amateur radio were disabled from September 19-21, but noted that the amateur radio network was "sparse" and suffered from a lack of trained operators and backup power. 

"The Government should rehabilitate the ECN (Emergency Communications Network)," the report recommended, "by offering training to persons interested in becoming Amateur Radio operators nationwide, with the goal of having a licensed Amateur Radio operator in every community with an emergency shelter." It also called for equipping every emergency shelter with ham radio and/or satellite phone equipment, and for purchasing repeaters and "other technology" to provide for swift establishment of communications following future storms.