Friday, July 28, 2017

"BIRDS" Cubesats Deployed from Space Station

 A cluster of five cubesats, known collectively as "BIRDS-1," was deployed from the International Space Station in early July. The five tiny satellites each contain an amateur radio transmitter (all using the same frequency) but no transponders for signal relays. The mission's main project, according to the ARRL Letter, is to "use the constellation to carry out radio communication experiments via a network of VHF/UHF amateur radio ground stations around the world." You can listen for them on 437.375 MHz.
BIRDS-1 Cubesat Constellation Deployed from the
International Space Station (ISS photo)
The satellites will be transmitting with CW, FM audio, 1.2k BPS FM AFSK and 9.6k BPS GMSK.