Friday, July 29, 2016

West Coast Hams Participate in Major Disaster Drill

Amateur radio operators were key players in a five-day disaster drill in the Pacific Northwest. According to the ARRL Letter, the Federal Emergency Management Agency's "Cascadia Rising" exercise simulated a major earthquake and tsunami which wiped out all normal channels of communications. More than 500 hams from three states took part in the drill, along with additional amateurs in British Columbia, which was conducting a parallel exercise. "We were able to support all our served agencies and clients," the Western Washington Section Manager reported to the ARRL.
A second earthquake simulation exercise – scheduled for September 21 – will focus on communications among and between Native American communities on tribal lands, many of which are located in remote areas. According to Newsline, the National Tribal Emergency Management Council and the National Tribal Amateur Radio Association are recruiting ham radio clubs and individual hams in tribal communities to participate in the "Day of the Quake" drill.