Tuesday, July 7, 2015

"Foxhunting" Championship in Colorado This Summer

At least it's a deer and not a fox! A view of the Peaceful Valley
Scout Ranch in Colorado, which will be the site of the USA
IARU Region 2 Amateur Radio Direction Finding
(or Foxhunting) championships this August.
(Photo from homingin.com)

The 15th USA (and 8th IARU Region II) Amateur Radio Direction-Finding championships will be held in late August at the Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch in Colorado, about 40 miles outside of Denver. 

The competition will feature on-foot "foxhunting," using both the 80-meter and 2-meter bands, as well as a "foxoring" competition - which combines ARDF with orienteering - and a pre-competition training camp. 

For more information, see August CQ's "Homing In" column on page 80.