Friday, March 23, 2012

Six Meters Comes to Senegal

(Map courtesy CIA World Factbook)
Hams in Senegal will soon have access to the six-meter band, just in time for the transatlantic DX that is often found on the band during solar cycle peaks. According to Newsline, the 50-51-MHz allocation will become effective when new international regulations approved at WRC-12 earlier this year become official -- probably around the beginning of 2013. Meanwhile, though, Southgate Amateur Radio News reports that authorities in Sengal have given approval for members of the Saly Amateur Radio Club in Mbour to operate their club station on six with the special callsign 6V7SIX. Club members will be monitoring the intercontinental calling frequency of 5.110 MHz as well as the French calling frequency at 50.210 MHz. As of now, 6V7SIX is the only Senegalese station authorized to operate on six meters.