Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Several Ham Satellites Scheduled for Summer Launch

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A Russian DNEPR rocket is scheduled to launch several amateur radio satellites into orbit this summer, including FUNcube-1, Triton-1 and Triton-2. 

The AMSAT News Service reports that FUNcube-1 is designed as an educational satellite, transmitting signals that can be easily received by schools and colleges, using a simple "ground station" that looks like a USB "dongle" that can be plugged into a computer. It is planned for a nearly sun-synchronous orbit for easy access planning.

The Triton satellites' primary payloads are radio science missions, but telemetry and scientific data will be transmitted on amateur frequencies, and after the satellites' three-month scientific missions end, they will be available for general amateur use.

Also scheduled for launch on the same flight, according to ANS, are "UKube-1, Delfi n3Xt (also carrying a linear amateur U/V … transponder), Trio-Cinema 1 & 2 and other spacecraft using frequencies in the amateur service." More information is available from AMSAT-UK at <>.