Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Hamvention Successful Despite Challenges

Another Dayton is in the history books, and while we don't have any numbers yet from the organizers, it was by all accounts a very successful show for both buyers and sellers. Lots of happy faces were seen accompanying lots of big boxes and assorted smaller goodies through the halls of Hara Arena. As always, the forums were well attended and one this year's most popular speakers was astronaut Col. Doug Wheelock, KF5BOC.
An unusual addition to this year's
Dayton flea market was a plumbing
crew working to unclog Hara Arena's
sewer lines and plug a leak into the
flea market area.

Along with the usual challenges of organizing for such a large number of people came the unusual challenge on Saturday of a major sewer backup resulting in the closure of most of the restrooms inside Hara Arena and a sewage leak into the flea market area. Attendees managed by using portable toilets already set up outside and stepping gingerly through portions of the flea market. Everything was restored to normal by Sunday morning.

While the weather for Hamvention was about as good as it could be, severe weather across the nation's midsection on Sunday caused travel challenges for many attendees who were flying home or driving to the west from Dayton. Many attendees, including some CQ staff members, didn't get home until Monday afternoon.