Friday, October 11, 2019

FCC Proposes $17,000 Fine for Repeater Interference

A New York City ham has been hit with a Notice of Apparent Liability proposing s $17,000 fine for
deliberately and repeatedly interfering with a repeater. The ARRL reports that the FCC took the action against Harold Guretsky, K6DPZ, noting that "(g)iven his history as a repeat offender, this violation warrants a significant penalty.” '

The case dates back to complaints received in 2017, followed by an FCC warning letter, a visit from an Enforcement Bureau agent and a phone conversation between Guretsky and the FCC's regional director, in which it was noted that the Commission was continuing to receive complaints. The Notice called Guretsky's actions "a deliberate disregard for the Commission’s authority and the very spirit of the Amateur Radio Service by continuing to interfere with the local repeater” after receiving multiple warnings.