Friday, September 1, 2017

SWLing: Radio Caroline is Back, but Radio Australia Won't Be

Famed 1960s offshore broadcaster Radio Caroline is back on the air from the British ship Ross Revenge, this time with a medium-wave license from the UK. The reactivation of the station came 50 years to the day from when the British government in 1967 started attempting to shut down all offshore broadcasters under the "Marine Broadcasting (Offenses) Act," according to Newsline. Hams connected with the Martello Tower radio group ran a special event station on the ham bands to commemorate the anniversary and rebirth of Radio Caroline. If you've got a medium wave receiver and a really good antenna, you can listen for Caroline's 1,000-watt signal on 648 kHz.
Meanwhile, Radio New Zealand reports that an Australian Senate committee in August voted down a bill that would have required the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) to restore its shortwave services. Radio Australia's shortwave service went off the air this past January, much to the distress of shortwave listeners and particularly residents of Pacific islands who depended on it for news and emergency information. The committee defeat essentially kills the bill, as it will not be considered by the full Senate.