Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Industry News: Expansion for DX Engineering and HRO

DX Engineering announced in mid-July that it had acquired Top Ten Devices, Inc., a manufacturer of contesting-focused ham station accessories. DX Engineering will take over manufacturing and distributing three popular Top Ten products, the Op Swapper, the A/B Station Selector and the Band Aide Band Decoder. Top Ten Devices was founded 30 years ago by N3RD and W2VJN.

Ham Radio Outlet says it plans to open a new store in Florida, but is playing close to the vest on specifics. Newsline reports that an announcement from the company on social media said "We're not telling yet" in response to speculation on possible locations, adding, "We're open to suggestions." HRO currently has 12 stores across the US, from California to New Hampshire. At present, the closest one to Florida is in Atlanta.