Friday, June 8, 2018

Much Less Stressful Than Mountaintops…

We've got Summits on the Air, Islands on the Air, National Parks on the Air and many other similar activities to encourage operation from a variety of interesting places. The latest, according to Newsline, offers an option for those who aren't up for trekking to mountaintops or wherever: Pubs and Clubs on the Air, sponsored by the UK's South Cheshire Amateur Radio Society. 

The group launched the program with three special event stations, GB0TGI at Tucker's Grave Inn in Somerset, GB2ROY at the Royalty in Leeds, and GB4TRO at The Royal Oak in Stoke-on-Trent. PACOTA's goal, according to event organizer Chris Wiseman, G0RDK, is "to show members of the public the kind of fun to be had by going on the air – and perhaps convince them to get licensed and join us." No word on whether the pubs involved served "807s" (for those too young to get the connection, visit <> for enlightenment – ed.). For more on the PACOTA program, visit the South Cheshire club's website at <>.