Thursday, June 30, 2016

FCC Says No to Lifetime Licenses and Experimental Operation on Ham Bands

The FCC has denied several petitions for changes to the amateur rules. 

Arizona ham Mark Krotz, N7MK, wanted the Commission to issue lifetime amateur licenses in order to help cut administrative expenses, according to the ARRL Letter. But the FCC noted that the vast majority of current license renewals are processed by computers and that it had already reduced costs significantly by ending the routine issuance of paper licenses. 

EdwinWhidbee, N0ECN, of Missouri, had petitioned for the authorization of low-power experimental activity on amateur frequencies, and separately to have the Commission delegate to bureau chiefs the authority to act on certain requests for exemptions, waivers rulemakings regarding new technologies or new applications of existing technologies. The Commission, in both cases, essentially said that these are solutions in search of problems; that there is already a structure for licensing experimental activities and that the bureau chiefs already have quite a bit of delegated authority.