Friday, April 29, 2016

FCC to Tighten Security on License Access

Beginning this coming September, everyone with an FCC registration number (FRN) - that includes anyone with a ham license - will need a user ID and password, along with other security measures, in order to log into their license files. According to an FCC public notice, users will also need to provide a valid e-mail address and supply answers to security questions for password recovery (e.g., "where was your mother born?"). 

In addition, since this applies to all services with licenses issued under the Commission Registration System (CORES), it will be possible to establish multiple usernames with varying levels of access for each FRN. Importantly, the first person to sign up for access to a particular FRN will be designated as that account's administrator, who will be able to control access by any other approved users. Questions may be e-mailed to <>.