Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ham Industry Changes

News of note from the ham radio industry:

UK-based InnovAntennas has acquired Force 12 antennas of Bridgeport, Texas and consolidated its manufacturing activities with InnovAntennas America's facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. According to the InnovAntennas Facebook page, the combined facility "is in full swing and we are shipping, building and shipping antennas … daily."

At the end of December, Japanese amplifier manufacturer Tokyo Hy-Power filed for bankruptcy and closed its manufacturing plant near Tokyo. The company's main website has also been closed down, although its US website remains active. According to a report on the ARRL website, company President and CEO Nobuki Wakabayashi, JA1DJW, said "the recent depression in the industrial RF power products area has led to the very difficult financial position."

CQ Communications has realigned its publication lineup, merging Popular Communications, CQ VHF and WorldRadio Online into CQ Plus, a supplement to the digital edition of this magazine, effective with this issue. See below for more information, as well as individual magazine websites and the January issues of CQ and WorldRadio Online.