Wednesday, April 25, 2012

London Calling…

(From RSGB website)
The Olympics are coming to London this summer and two special event stations will be on the air throughout the competition. Newsline reports that 2O12L will be active from Eltham Place in southeast London, operating all modes on 160-2 meters, while 2O12W will be on the air from Wales, operating 160 meters through 23 centimeters, on all modes including slow-scan TV and satellites. 2O12W will be located at Whitmore Bay on Barry Island. Both stations will go on the air as of July 27. More information is available at <> and <>, respectively. (Please note: Those are "ohs," not zeros, in the callsigns)

Meanwhile, the AMSAT News Service reports that hams in and around the Olympic venues will have temporary limits placed on their operations on 70 centimeters as well as parts of the 2.3 and 3.4 GHz bands between June 28 and September 23. This will be to accommodate the spectrum needs of the world media as well as teams themselves and visitors to the games. Specifics are available at <>.