Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FCC Seeking Comments on Impediments to Amateur Radio Communication

The FCC in early April requested comments from the public on amateur radio's role in  emergency communications and whether private land use regulations impede hams' abilities to perform that role. The request came about as a result of the inclusion in the law that extended payroll tax cuts through 2012 of a section requiring the FCC to make a study of those issues and report back to Congress in six months with recommendations. The Docket Number is DA 12-523. Comments are due by May 17.

The ARRL additionally asked hams to share their personal experiences with amateur radio emergency communications and with deed restrictions and so-called "CC&Rs." The League requested that input by April 25 so it could include the data in its FCC comments, which were due by May 17. The FCC's report to Congress is due by the end of August.