Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bell Labs Develops Tiny Cellular Antenna

The lightRadio (TM) cube developed by Bell Labs.
(Bell Labs website photo)
A team of researchers at Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs has designed and built a cell-site in a two-inch cube, a development that could revolutionize the way cellphone calls and data are routed. According to a Bell Labs news release and news reports, the lightRadio™ cube consists of three stacked circuit boards - one each for the antenna, the radio and the network connection - and it would not have to sit on top of a tall tower. It is estimated that wide-scale deployment of these devices could increase network capacity by up to 30 percent and reduce or eliminate the need for controversial cell towers. 

Connection to ham radio? The possibility for adaptation to the amateur repeater network and the potential for changes in some restrictive antenna ordinances, many of which were enacted in response to the building of cell site towers.