Monday, July 17, 2023

Europeans Dominate WRTC Competition

A long-standing knowledge of HF propagation from Europe seems to have been a major advantage in the delayed-until-2023 2022 World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC), held in Italy in early July in conjunction with the IARU HF Championship contest. According to the website, virtually all of the top scorers were Europeans. No US team finished higher than 10th place.

The first-place finisher was I44W, operated by UW7LL and VE3DZ (the only non-European in a top spot). Second place went to I43C, captained by DJ5MW and DL1IAO; and the third place winner was I49D, operated by 9A7DX and 9A3LG. Other top slots included: Phone - I43L (YU5EEA/9A3SMS), CW - I47M (F8DBF/F1AKK), Mults - I44W (UW7LL/VE3DZ), Youth - I43O (YL3JA/UR5YKO), and Accuracy - I43C (DJ5MW/DL1IAO).