Friday, October 14, 2022

RSGB to Host Transatlantic Centenary Tests

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its “transatlantic tests” with a series of special event operations during the month of December. 

According to the ARRL Letter, the RSGB will be using five call signs, which the organization originally held in the 1920s: G5WS, "the first to get across" in the one-way tests of 1922; G5AT and G6XX, used during additional tests in 1923; G6ZZ, used for the first railroad-mobile amateur tests in 1924,and G3DR, originally used in the Scottish Highlands, which will now be operates as GM3DR. Variations on these calls will also be activated in different regions of the United Kingdom that are separate DXCC entities, according to the ARRL, including GM5WS (Scotland), GW5WS (Wales), GU5WS (Guernsey), GD5WS (Isle of Man), GJ5WS (Jersey), and GI5WS (Northern Ireland). Additional details are available from RSGB at <>.