Tuesday, August 11, 2020

IARU Monitoring System Urges Action on Russian-Ukrainian "Radio War"

One of the biggest sources of interference in the 40-meter band, especially within Europe, is an ongoing "radio war" between Russia and Ukraine, and the coordinator of the International Amateur Radio Union's (IARU) Region 1 Monitoring System is encouraging hams to urge their national regulators to put pressure on both countries to stop it. According to recent IARU R1 Monitoring System newsletters, the stations involved broadcast non-stop streams of insults, hate speech and even hate songs, each aimed at their adversaries. The broadcasts are mostly on or around 7055 kHz, although there reports of other frequencies being used, as high as 7090 kHz.

Monitoring System Coordinator Peter Jost, HB9CET, noted in the May newsletter that "(t)he IARU Monitoring System (Intruder watch) has no means to stop this radio war. Only national authorities can hopefully do something against with international complaints."

The newsletters also report significant interference on the HF ham bands from over-the-horizon radar, commercial fishing vessels and buoys, and other sources.