Tuesday, November 12, 2019

W1AW Celebrating 98 Years of DXing

The Maxim Memorial Station, W1AW, at ARRL
Headquarters in Connecticut. (Wikimedia Commons photo)
Ninety-eight years ago, the ARRL-sponsored "Trans- atlantic Tests" succeeded in bridging the Atlantic Ocean via amateur radio for the first time. To commemorate the anniversary, ARRL headquar- ters station W1AW will be on the air all day on Tuesday, December 11, the day of the first contact, with teams of guest operators taking turns at the mic, key and keyboard. According to the ARRL, the station will be on the air from 1300 to 2359 UTC, with the primary goal of encouraging contacts between stations in the U.S. and Europe, replicating the signal paths of 1921. Additional information is available at <https://tinyurl.com/yyfvk5xd>.