Monday, May 13, 2019

Milestones: Former CQ DX Editor K4IIF; Monk Apollo, SV2ASP, Among Silent Keys

John Attaway, K4IIF (SK)
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Former CQ DX Editor John Attaway, K4IIF, who first proposed establishing the CQ DX Hall of Fame, became a Silent Key in April at age 88. A chemist whose father owned orange groves in Florida, Attaway devoted his career to improving the quality of Florida orange juice and spent 26 years as Director of Scientific Research for the Florida Department of Citrus. He served on a variety of industry panels and was named to the Florida Citrus Hall of Fame in 2001. John was CQ's DX Editor from 1967 through 1988.
An ocean away, Monk Apollo, SV2ASP, became a Silent Key in early May. Monk Apollo brought amateur radio to the monastery at Mount Athos – a separate DX entity from Greece – in the early 1990s and was active as a DXer. According to the ARRL Letter, one other monk at Mount Athos is also licensed and active on the air. Monk Apollo passed away from complications of cancer at age 64.