Thursday, March 1, 2018

FT8 To Add "Fox and Hounds" DXpedition Mode

WSJT-X screen shot (in this case, running JT9)
Source: WSJT-X home page
The developers of the FT8 digital mode say they're working on an enhanced version of the mode specifically designed for DXpeditions. The ARRL Letter reports that the goal is to allow high-volume operators to make FT8 contacts at the highest possible rate, with as little as a single transmission per contact and the ability to make up to five contacts at one time, offering a potential rate of up to 600 QSOs per hour! 

The developers are tentatively referring to DXpedition mode as "fox and hounds," with the DXpedition station being the fox and all the stations "hunting" for it labeled as "hounds." The WSJT-X Development Team says the mode will be included in an upcoming release of a new version of WSJT-X, with hopes for a field test during this summer's scheduled KH1/KH7Z DXpedition to Baker Island.