Monday, November 27, 2017

FCC Denies Reconsideration of Petition for Greater Advanced Class Privileges

The FCC has turned down a petition for reconsideration filed by Jeffrey Siegell, WB2YRL, after it denied his original petition to grant Extra Class CW privileges to Advanced Class license holders. The Virginia amateur's logic behind the request was that all holders of Advanced Class licenses (which have not been issued since 1999 but may be renewed) have passed Morse code exams, while Extra Class licensees no longer need to prove code proficiency in order to earn all amateur operating privileges.

The Commission said in its initial denial, and reiterated in its November decision not to consider the petition for reconsideration, that back in 1999, it specifically rejected suggestions to automatically upgrade Advanced Class licenses to Extra Class, "concluding that it would be inappropriate for these licensees to 'receive additional privileges without passing the required examination elements.' " 

The current decision said the question had been revisited in 2005 and that the basic reasoning behind it had not changed then and has not changed now. "Consequently," the decision continued, "we conclude that the (Mobility) Division correctly dismissed your petition for rulemaking, and we deny your petition for reconsideration." The Mobility Division of the Wireless Telecommunications Bureau has responsibility for amateur service rules under the current FCC organizational structure.