Monday, November 28, 2016

630-Meter Special Event Features Transatlantic QSO

Coast station KPH
(Marine Radio Historical Society Photo)
A special activity night on 630 meters resulted in a wide array of contacts, including a transatlantic contact and several cross-band contacts with U.S. hams operating on the 80-meter band. 

According to the ARRL Letter, stations on the air during the activity on November 12-13 included several Canadian amateurs (who already have access to the 472-479 kHz band), Marine Radio Historical Society station KPH and U.S. stations authorized under FCC Part 5 experimental licenses. A highlight of the event was a CW contact between VO1NA in Newfoundland and PE5T in the Netherlands. 

U.S. hams are awaiting FCC action on a proposal to permit general amateur activity on the narrow band, which would be the first allocation below 600 meters available to amateurs in over 100 years.