Tuesday, February 2, 2016

ARRL Seeks to Shrink 75-Meter Phone Band

The ARRL has filed a petition for rule making with the FCC to move the bottom end of the 75-meter phone band from 3600 kHz to 3650 kHz in order to free up more space for RTTY and data communications. 
According to the ARRL Letter, the petition represents a "minimal but necessary change" intended to correct an FCC error made when it expanded the 75-meter phone band a decade ago. The petition also calls for moving the automatically-controlled data subband to 3600-3615 kHz from its current 3585-3600 kHz allocation, and for allowing Novices and Technicians to operate CW (but not RTTY or data modes) in the expanded General Class CW/RTTY/data subband.