Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ramsey Electronics Discontinues Kit Business

Longtime kitmaker Ramsey Electronics of Victor, New York, has announced that it has shut down its hobby electronics kit division effective January 1, 2016.

The company, which has been making kits for electronics hobbyists since the 1970s, cited "rapid changes in technologies (that) have make if difficult for the do-it-yourself hobbyist" as the key reason behind its decision. "You just don’t go out and build yourself an 802.11ac wireless router these days!" the announcement noted. "You buy one at the corner big-box store for fifty bucks!"

Existing kit stock was being sold off on Ramsey's announcement said the company would continue to provide technical and warranty support throughout 2016 for kits purchased in 2015. Ramsey's RF Test Equipment Group is unaffected by the moves. 

CQ Kit-Building Editor K0NEB plans to have more on Ramsey and its kit products in his April column.