Friday, July 26, 2013

ARRL Urges Go-Slow Approach on Unlicensed Devices at 5 GHz

The ARRL is calling on the FCC to evaluate the interference potential of unlicensed wireless devices on the 5 GHz band before going forward with plans to make additional frequencies available there. In reply comments filed in the ongoing proceeding on unlicensed National Information Infrastructure (U-NII) devices, the League reiterated its argument - apparently bolstered by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration - that aggregate interference caused by the use of thousands of these devices remain unknown. U-NII devices include vehicular collision avoidance systems and other so-called dedicated short-range communications applications. The League also pointed out that while Congress ordered the FCC to begin a rulemaking proceeding on permitting U-NII devices at 5.35-5.47 GHz, the Commission added 5.85-5.925 GHz to the NPRM of its own accord. Amateur radio has a secondary allocation at 5.65-5.925 GHz.