Friday, April 26, 2013

Hams Continue to Help in Wake of Boston Marathon Bombings

Courtesy Minuteman Repeater Assn.
When two bombs exploded near the finish line of April's Boston Marathon, the first thing ham radio net controllers did was check in on each of the 250 ham volunteers working the course to make sure they were OK (they were). Next, according to reports from ARRL and Newsline, the hams continued providing communications as police halted the race and runners began to congregate at first-aid and water stations along the route, all of which had ham stations as well. The hams kept runners updated on events and coordinated deployment of "sweep buses" to transport runners still on the course to pre-arranged meeting areas. Hams in the finish line area remained at their posts and provided communications as needed from the medical tents until police - fearing additional explosions - ordered everyone evacuated.