Monday, June 27, 2011

FCC Chief Visits Hamvention®

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski (L)
was escorted around the Dayton
Hamvention® by 2011 show
chairman Mike Kalter, W8CI.
(Photo courtesy K0NEB)

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski made a surprise visit to the Dayton Hamvention® during an unplanned layover in Dayton. According to Hamvention officials, Genachowski was flying back to Washington on Friday, May 20, when his plane was diverted to Dayton because of severe weather in the Midwest. He was told he might have trouble finding a hotel room because of all the ham radio operators in town. After finding a room, he decided to visit the show on Saturday morning before returning to Washington. He spent about two hours at Hara Arena, talking with hams and checking out the equipment displays.