Tuesday, September 10, 2019

FlexRadio and Raytheon Team Up for Air Force HF Project

FlexRadio Systems and Raytheon are working jointly on a project to bring software-defined HF radio to the U.S. Air Force. The $36 million project will use the architecture of the Flex-6000 Smart SDR software to develop SDRs for use in airborne HF communications platforms.

In a joint news release, FlexRadio CEO Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR, said, “Our partnership brings together the vast resources and experience of Raytheon in airborne tactical communications systems with FlexRadio’s commercial off-the-shelf high frequency Software Defined Radios to deliver a modular, extensible, and flexible communications platform for the warfighter."
Youngblood also predicted that the company's amateur products would benefit from its work with Raytheon and the Air Force. "Throughout FlexRadio's history," he said, "commercial amateur products have been leveraged into defense products, which in turn, have been leveraged back into commercial products. We are certain that these efforts will cycle back again."

The FlexRadio/Raytheon team is one of two groups participating in the development project. After approximately two years, one of the groups will be selected to produce the new Air Force radios.