Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Hurricane Watch Net Active - Pse keep 14.325 & 7.268 Clear

With Hurricane Matthew blasting its way through the Caribbean and threatening the entire east coast of the United States, the Hurricane Watch Net (www.hwn.org) is active 24/7 until further notice, operating primarily on 14.325 MHz during the day and 7.268 MHz at night. (If propagation is poor on 20 meters, the net may move to 40 during the day as well, or operate simultaneously on both frequencies.)

Predicted track of Hurricane Matthew as of 0000 UTC,
October 5, 2016 (National Hurricane Center map)
Unless you are in an affected or threatened area with hurricane-related traffic for the net, please keep both 14.325 and 7.268 clear at all times until the storm's threat has passed. Even if you are not in the eastern US or Caribbean, remember that propagation may be such that your signal may cause interference even if you cannot hear signals at your station.

All weather and emergency preparedness officials are reporting that this is a very dangerous hurricane and everyone in potentially affected areas should prepare, both personally and in terms of communications gear.